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A series of theatrical pieces about some of the most compelling 

episodes in the Hebrew Bible -- from the creation of light to Cain's murder
of his brother to the seduction of Lot by his own daughters; from Abraham's near sacrifice of his son, Isaac, to his abandonment of Ibrahim, his first born. And events such as the wild passion felt by the wife of Potiphar for Joseph, her young slave, and heir to the Israelites.


new production of the tragic love story between 
Emperor Hadrian and his page.  

ANTINOUS Photogravure: by Amelia Arenas and Mayra Leon. Actor: James McGinn

A work inspired by Saint Augustine's youth.
New Production upcoming


The last piece in our trilogy about the concept of the Self in the West, DREAMS is a play about Sigmund Freud's early career and his first insights into the nature of the Unconscious. 


A piece based on the quiet figure of Iovanna Van Gogh. 
Against all odds, she kept hundreds of her brother in law's unsold paintings in her small apartment for almost two decades after Theo, her husband, died of sheer sadness, following his brother's suicide. Iovanna is the reason why Vincent Van Gogh's work has survived.

An homage to Euripides' masterpiece, this is a tale of despair and redemption, set in modern times.

Our Medea will try to bring out the ethical and phsycological issues
of women who find themselves at the end of their ropes. 


An absurd musical comedy where a child's dolls come to life; and a cast of characters from the Western tradition interact; from Red-riding-hood to Lady Macbeth and Leonidas, from Othello to Tarzan and Snow White, to Zeus to the Biblical God. 

Music:  ANTINOUS, Final Theme by David Sharpe
11 - Final Scene - Retake

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